Everything you need to run
a Robust Loyalty Program
in 24 hours

Start effective campaigns to increase cashflow and
strengthen your customer relations

Every Business Is Unique.
And so should Your Loyalty Program.

Multiple campaigns on a single platform. Design, customise and deploy in under 20 minutes with Advocado.


Build a community of advocates, with cash upfront.


Putting a dollar value to incentivise your customers.


Reward your customers when they refer their friends and family. Everyone wins!

Prepaid Items

Give customers value-bundles that they will absolutely love and can track.

Loyalty Points

Convert spending into rewards and points automatically and seamlessly.


Reward your customers with stamps without adding to the clutter in their wallets.

Stored Value

Offer store credit without going through all that backend fuss.


Reward your customers with cash vouchers and save on printing costs!

Enroll customers in 20 seconds

Long, tedious loyalty sign-up processes are frustrating. Now your new customers just have to enter their mobile numbers on Advocado at the point of sale, and be instantly enrolled into your loyalty program without the need to download or scan anything! Goodbye, old-fashioned codes and cards! Woohoo!

Accessible Any Time,
Anywhere, on Any Device

Time is critical during the opening hours of your business. View all your campaign statistics and results online, any time, and anywhere, on one platform – Advocado.
All you need is an Internet connection.

Your data is also seamlessly backed up on Advocado’s cloud servers – in other words, you won’t lose any data!.

All your campaigns at a glance

Results are just as important as the campaign itself. Instantly see how all your campaigns are doing across all your outlets in real-time. View the number of transactions made, how many dollars you earned and how many customers enrolled in your awesome campaigns.

Continuously engage your customers

Striking a good balance of customer engagement is essential for any B2C business. Advocado enables you to keep your customers engaged without going overboard. Time and broadcast your latest exclusive promotions using Advocado to all your loyal customers.

Search your entire customer base

Advocado’s simple and powerful system helps you turn your customers into your strongest advocates. Create amazing campaigns and perks that will keep your customers coming back again and again.

Complete Security

Advocado takes online security very seriously. OTPs and secure pins ensure that every customer transaction is safe. All your data is regularly backed up so that critical information can be easily and quickly restored

Nothing beats seeing these features in action.
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